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Be Prepared For Hurricane Season

Chef 5 Minute Meals™

How it Works

A self-heating meal that you can eat anytime, anywhere. In 9 tasty varieties! Shop now.

Not only for Disaster & Distress, Chef 5 Minute Meals™ are the perfect on-the-go meal for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Travel, School Lunch, Power Outage, and many more without refrigeration or electricity!

The Chef 5 Minute Meals™ mascot Chefie™ gets a starring role in this epic, heroic tale! Watch him save the day with our Self-Heating meals that are ideal for disaster and distress. is a one-stop shop for all Chef Minute Meals™ products.

Chefie™ to the Rescue!

Be Prepared

Survival kits need Chef 5 Minute Meals™. With a 3-year or 5-year shelf life, you can trust that Chef 5 Minute Meals™ will be there whenever you need it.

What people think about Chef 5 Minute Meals™!

This could replace Mama's Cooking!

-Dennis K.

I support 14 (yes fourteen) college students with a very small stipend and these dinners take the hunger pangs away...This is a GREAT product..." -Beverly J. Hurt via 

Tastes better and easier to eat...than MRE[s]." -XiMiX via 

Great for a quick meal...when no stove is available." -K.J. Park via 





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